About us


Since 1968, the Delta group of companies has been dedicated to serving the building and construction industry, providing devices and systems to secure homes, offices, commercial complexes, manufacturing plants and government institutions. However, these products have left deep carbon footprints as a by-product during fabrication.

But as of 2013, Delta Meissner took the bold step of doing our part in reducing things that contribute to global warming. We did this by investing in resources and partnering with organizations that strive to promote environmentally responsible products.

To energize and protect customers’ health with clean and oxygen-rich air, we partner with G-Evolution’s air-cleaning systems, under the FreshO branding.

Fresh Air will refresh your body after a hard working day

Before pumping fresh air into a home or office, the FreshO carefully treats oxygen-rich but polluted outdoor air through many phases. First, this well-engineered system removes odours, dust, pollen, hair through two heavy-duty activated carbon filters and one ultra-heavy-duty ULPA (or HEPA) filter. Then it sanitizes this cleaned air in a germicidal UV-C chamber.

By improving indoor air quality, we are help clients, who suffer from allergy, asthma, dizzy, fatigue and sleeping disorder or who want to get rid of dust, smoke, haze, bad odour, bacteria, virus and mould or who simply wish to breath in an oxygen rich and clean air (even inside their room).

Clients in the health-care industry – those that have surgical operating rooms, isolation wards, intensive care rooms and even bio-hazard labs – have also benefited immensely from the FreshO Air-con and the FreshO systems.

To borrow a quote from Mahatma Gandhi –  “Be the change that you want the world to be” – Delta Meissner endeavors to do likewise with our minuscule contributions.