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The haze hurts more than you thought:

  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) irritate the airways of the lungs.
  • Fine dust particles can be carried deep into the lungs where they can cause allergies and worsen heart & lung diseases.
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) prevents the intake of oxygen by the blood, endangering persons suffering from heart diseases.

At unhealthy level (PSI above 100), the haze can cause (even for healthy individuals):

  • Itchy, watery or red eyes.
  • Runny or blocked nose, sneezing.
  • Dry/sore throat, cough or difficult to breath.

The FreshO will eliminate air pollution inside your room:

FreshO machine

Unlike typical air purifiers, which only recycle air in a room, the FreshO will:

  • Purify the air through 5 stages, providing oxygen-rich air as clean as in surgery room.
  • Replace high carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrated air by oxygen (O2) rich air.
  • Create a positive pressure environment, preventing air pollutants and toxic gas entering the room
Excess fresh air blow out all dirt and toxic gas

Excess fresh air blow out all dirt and toxic gas



Possitive Pressure System:

Applying the same principle for clean rooms in hospitals, the FreshO system constantly pumps treated fresh air into each room and makes indoor pressure slightly higher than outside. Because air can only flow from high pressure places to lower ones, excess air will flow out through all openings (sliding doors, window gaps…). That constant one-way air flow will prevent outdoor pollution from going against the stream to enter your room and force out all indoor pollution.An invisible wall is built to protect you and your family from the worst haze.

UV-C Light

Germicidal Ultraviolet Light:

This is the final stage of the treating process before fresh air is realeased into each room. Applying the same type of ultraviolet light (Short Wave Length: 180-280 nm) used in the operating room, the FreshO system is able to kill all kind of viruses, even those that manage to creep through previous filtering stages.

5 stage filter
5 stage explanation

What else will you get from the FreshO system?

  • More fresh air with oxygen, more energy to work throughout the whole day.
  • Wake up feeling fresh because you enjoy breathing in fresh air a whole night.
  • Spend less time cleaning your room from dust and pollution.
  • Get rid of undesired odors, toxic gas and allergens in the room.
  • Keep a steady level of moisture in your room, thereby solving dry skin & throat.

Free yourself from the Haze!

About the FreshO

Doctor Recommendation

Fresh air is very important to health. An air-conditioned room must have ventilation, otherwise the room will accumulate with “indoor air pollution” which consists of bacteria, mold and allergic substances.

Dr. Boonchua Dhorrannintra Dr. Boonchua Dhorrannintra
The Association of Allergy and Immunology of Thailand

Testing result

A medical research done by Professor Dr. Boonchua Dhorranintra

  • The FreshO – room air treatment can reduce the number of detected aero-allergens by 60 percent after 24 hours.
  • The oxygen content in the room can be controlled at the fresh air level.
  • The relative humidity and room temperature are not affected.
  • This method of room air treatment has been proved as an effective and useful procedure for minimizing the indoor air pollution.

Comparison Air purifier – The FreshO

Property Room air purifier Air Purifier Room GLife The FreshO System
Oxygen-rich air Cross No Check Yes
Prevent pollution from outside: Dirt, smoke, insect Check Yes Check Yes
Prevent pollution from inside: Toxic gas, fur of pets, smell Cross No Check Yes
Raw filter Check Yes Check Yes
Advanced filter Check Yes Check Yes
Odor filter Question Depends Check Yes
ULPA filter Question Depends Check Yes: 0.12 micron filter prevent all kinds of bacteria
Disinfection system Question Depends Check Yes: An UV-C light is used to sterilize
Adjust humidity inside the room Cross No Check Yes: New air will replenish the humidity in the room
Move/install Check Easy Question Tougher. Because we have to drill a hole.
Electricity consumption Question Depends on version (50W to 200W) 78W – approximately equal to your light bulb’s consumption.


Mr. Kunakorn MekjaideeMr. Kunakorn Mekjaidee
Audit Committee of Thai Chamber of Commerce & Chairman of Thai Venture Capital Association

My family installed 2 units of the FreshO in our bedroom and we wake up every day with freshness. It is really impressive. I have installed 3 more units of the FreshO in our company in order to let our team get good air. It is well worth the investment for health in my life.

Dr. Supagee SrikaesDr. Supagee Srikaes
Absolute Health Co., Ltd.

I installed the FreshO at clinic & home in order to add fresh air for patients and my family. I recommended my patients to use the FreshO for better quality of life, especially for those who live in big city that have a lot of pollution. I’m also pleased to support a Thai innovation.

Ms. Sudaporn TangkitvanichkulMs. Sudaporn Tangkitvanichkul
The Bureaucracy

I am suffering from asthma as well as sleep apnea and periodic breathing at night. As a result, I have to take medication and injections every month. But after installing the FreshO in my room, there is now no dust or odors from the outside that leaks in. The FreshO has enabled me to sleep soundly the whole night. My asthma is gradually reduced too.


The 10-year warranty

  • Body 10 years
  • Equipment 2 years
10 year warranty
AWARDS-300x53 Thailand Innovation Award granted by National Innovation Agency and The Department of Intellectual Property

Free yourself from the Haze!

About the FreshO


Model M-701A M-704A
Diemension (mm) 390 x 635 x 245 500 x 680 x 270
Weight (kg) 18 21
Room space (m2) 20~50 50~100
Air Volume (CFM) High = 75, Medium = 50, Low = 20 High = 75, Medium = 50, Low = 20
Pre-Filter Synthetic Filter
Carbon Filter Deodorizing filter: Double layer Delivering Solidly packed and high absorption Activated Carbon Filter, Iodine value 600 Mg/G, thickness 8cm
Main Filter ULPA filter, efficciency [DOP]: 99.999%.
@120 Nano Meter Primary resistance > 160Pa, Air velocity: 200 (m3/h)
UV-C UV-C: Germicidal UV Lamps 6W
Power consumption (W) High = 60, Medium = 40, Low = 20 High = 80, Medium = 50, Low = 30
Maintenance Every 6 months or when LED lights up
Change parts Pre-Filter: 2~3 months
Carbon Filter: every 6 months
ULPA Filter: every 1.5~2 years
Guarantee Body 10 years, Equipment 2 years

Common solutions when PSI is above 100 (unhealthy level)

  • Many people try to find a solution which could make their room or office breathable by using air purifiers. By doing so, indoor air quality is improved, but not much, because smoke can still enter the room through small gaps in the doors or windows. The air purifiers cannot treat the whole air inside a room instantly, meanwhile the indoor air is polluted continuously by outdoor air leaking through the gaps.
  • To improve effectiveness of air purifiers, the room needs to be isolated almost completely. However, isolating a space from the outside environment typically will require a lot of effort to seal all the gaps, treat the air indoor and supplement oxygen. Without fresh air supplement, the CO2 concentration will increase as people exhale. This will make the people tired and dizzy, so that the isolation solution is not sustainable.
  • Industrial standard air treatment system, might cost up to US$50,000, can continuously provide clean and fresh air enough for the whole building. However, this solution is not always applicable because of its cost and feasibility

Therefore, an ideal solution fighting against the haze must be able to supply fresh and clean air continuously.


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